Hi Jim, how about the Cloud?

By Sean Xie • 20 September 2013 • Cloud

Author: Louisa Crook


These days, in computing, if you’re not cruising in the cloud, you’re rocking it retro. And when it comes to computing, retro is not a good idea. Those of you who have already experienced being asked ‘what cloud client do you use?’ and not being able to give an answer will have found that to not be ‘on the cloud’ is kind of...embarrassing.

So, to help the uninitiated get to grips with why everybody is harping on about this floaty white stuff, we’re going to give you some basic but crucial information to avoid any further embarrassment.

Let’s set up a scenario.

Jim is a budding entrepreneur and has just broken out on his own with a financial consultancy. He needs to keep things pretty simple and economical, so he hasn’t splashed out on office space. He and his three consultants all work from their homes.

No office required? How is this possible with cloud computing? Surely all of Jim’s consultants will need access to the main database for things like up-to-date sales pitch material, presentations and the latest investment stats? Well… they do have access. From anywhere they want to be, as long as they have an Internet connection. They don’t have to be at Jim’s office. They don’t even have to be in their own offices. And neither does Jim, for that matter.  They can all go and do the cool hipster thing and get comfy in Starbucks while being as operational as they would be in a conventional office situ. The main difference being that Jim doesn’t have to provide the coffee.

Ok, so that’s great if you want your employees and consultants to be able to do the uber-cool, working from a coffee shop thing. But how else does cloud computing make working life easier?

Well, we know it can save money on office space, but because you don’t need gigs, terabytes and exabytes of your own data storage, you also save shedloads on that stuff too. The cloud holds it all and you just take what you need when you need it and put it back when you’re finished. No constant and tedious backing up. It’s so much simpler and who doesn’t want a simpler working life? People who don’t use the cloud, we guess… 

So, with the help of the cloud:

  • Jim doesn’t have to fork out for office space. He can work from the comfort of his own home and so can his staff.

  • His options for potential team members are not limited by location. This opens up a much wider pool of talent to choose from.

  • He only ever has to update anything once and he never has to do that attaching file upon file to mails or instant messages rigmarole for any of his team members. He just needs to tell them what he’s called the file in the cloud.

Cloud computing isn’t just for people who want to work from home. It has a place in every potential working situation there is. Take the following example – has this ever happened to you?

It’s Friday night. You stayed a little late because you’ve got a big presentation to make first thing Monday morning and you want to make sure things are in order. Finally, you get in your car ready to relax and shake off the working week. You drive almost all of the way home only to remember that you have forgotten to download a crucial document that you need for your presentation.

Without the cloud, you:

  • Have to turn around, while muttering expletive upon expletive

  • Drive all of the way back to the office

  • Connect to the database

  • Download the document

  • Get back in your car

  • Drive all the way back home, while muttering expletive upon expletive

  • Enjoy a cold dinner.

(OR get to the office at ridiculous o’clock on Monday morning and get to the presentation ill-prepared and flustered.)

With the cloud, you:

  • Carry on home.

Though there are many more applications that the cloud is useful for, but it’s pretty simple - the cloud makes life easier, less stressful and means you shouldn’t swear so much. Unless that’s your thing – we’re not judging. 

Love the idea or hate it, the cloud is here to stay. It’s going to be far less painful to just embrace it and let it take your business to greater heights.

(See what we did there? Ok, we’ll get our coats…)



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