Thoughts on my Apple Watch

By Ben McIvor • 12 December 2017 • News

The greatest benefit has been to do with notifications. It does not interrupt my work as it is as simple as flicking my wrist up to check the time. This makes it quick and discreet for me to check new emails and messages. Another benefit is the ability to customise watch faces. With one quick look at my screen I am able to check the time, weather and calendar events scheduled for that day. It is these conveniences that makes me love my watch.

My favourite native app is Maps. Once the route has been plotted on my iPhone, the watch becomes my guide. No more walking head-down, phone in hand and looking for that turn-off, but instead confidently walking, waiting for a gentle tapping to indicate what direction to turn. As a result, finding my way around has become much more enjoyable.

Support for 3rd party apps needs to be improved. The time it can take to open an app is a massive detriment for me and because of that I rarely use the device other than to keep up-to-date with incoming notifications. This is something I know will improve with further Watch OS updates and so doesn’t effect my opinion of the watch greatly. All in all, it is a great product and can only improve with time. Like a fine wine.



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