Our Story

Having worked for a number of the more traditional IT service and support companies in London, we began to notice a new wave of modern and increasingly revolutionary tools and applications emerging, which were not only more fun to use, but also much easier to learn.

Paradoxically, the recent downturn in the economic climate helped accelerate our decision to start out on our own. We were witness to a series of failing small businesses at our previous employer. We knew a lot of these companies and managed to help reduce their overall IT costs the best we could. However, we found that implementing some of these new Cloud technologies as partial 'antidotes' for their struggles, wasn't all that easy.

Traditional IT service and support companies are not really interested in Cloud technologies, as the majority of their business comes from supporting much more complicated solutions. We also realised that small businesses will eventually see where the future is and make the switch, leaving the more traditional, overgrown IT service and support providers behind.

That's where our company, nDuo, comes in. We provide comprehensive, independent IT consulting with the aim of balancing the benefits and risks associated with adopting Cloud technologies. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, businesses no longer have to venture out into the wild without the expert IT advice and support they really need.


nDuo is a London based IT consultancy providing on-site and remote access support throughout the capital for both home and business users.

We're very much a 'hands-on' company, who like to work closely with our clients. Over the years we have had the opportunity to get to know some exceptionally talented and interesting people. In many cases we not only resolve IT issues, but also improve overall workflow and productivity.

Due to the nature of the IT industry, we've found that our clients rarely have the same level of funds as the 'big boys' necessary to afford the highest level of IT service and support. We feel it's these companies who will benefit the most from our style of IT service and support, and aim to give them genuine value for money.

We highly recommend Cloud technologies as they are built around a cutting-edge data management model that is gaining a strong presence in the corporate environment – although it's not yet widely used in the home or small business market.

Our team of expert IT engineers are fully qualified and dedicated to supporting our clients. We hold both Apple and Microsoft certifications, which guarantees your IT is in more than capable hands.

We started out as a small movement of people who felt the momentum of a new wave of IT technology that is more focused on user experience and interaction than older forms of computing. These are mostly Cloud solutions and the minimalist philosophy surrounding them.


When working with our business customers, our main focus is always to think how we can maximise their productivity inline with their budget.

We never prioritise short term profits when handling startups and growing companies. We aim to help them grow and treat our work as an investment in their future success.

Our company is an open environment, allowing employees to better understand how we work and optimise our own systems. They are encouraged to contribute new ideas to the way we work. This way, we not only help our own company, but create an ever expanding knowledge base, which can be utilised to help our clients.

We stay independent from any brands or companies and will always use the best solution for our clients.

We work as a team both internally and externally. Our 'boss' is our high standards. We trust our employees to make their own decisions as long as they respect them (the standards).

We treat our customers' data as precious stones, and will protect them even from ourselves. We will never access our clients' data in any other way than requested and always use encryption where necessary.

We are good people. We believe in great human to human relationships and are always excited to help others use technology to their advantage.